Halftone Brushes for Procreate

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Halftone Brushes for Procreate

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Choose Your Bundle:

Motifs: The Easy Halftone-Maker Set! 

  • 25 Non-Pressure Sensitive Halftone Brushes.
  • Dots, Lines, Squares & Hearts.
  • Hard Brush Shapes with Seamless Grains.

Basics: The Essential Halftone Combo!

  • 30 Pressure Sensitive Halftone Brushes.
  • Dots, Grunge Dots, Triangles, Hexagons, Squares, Hearts & Lines.
  • Soft, Hard & Gradient Brush Shapes with Seamless Grains.

Extended: Additional Collection for Halftone Lovers!

  • 54 Alternative Pressure Sensitive Halftone Brushes.
  • Squared Grids, Cross-Lines, Grunge Lines, Triangled Grids, Kaleidoscopes & More.
  • Soft, Hard & Gradient Brush Shapes with Seamless Grains.

FULL Bundle: The All-in-One!

  • More than 100 brushes!
  • Motifs + Basics + Extended Combos. All-in-One!

Features & Specs

  • High-Resolution Halftone Brushes for shading & rendering. They look great even on print quality canvas!
  • Brush Set files (.brushset), for use on Procreate App.
  • Pressure Sensitivity on BASICS & EXTENDED Sets, so you control halftone density on every brushstroke!
  • Seamless, Clean & Fully Scalable Patterns.
  • Soft, Hard and Gradient brush shapes for every halftone pattern (on BASICS & EXTENDED Sets).
  • 100% original shapes and grains.
  • Major enhancements in Version 2.0: the new Offset Jitter setting is available on Procreate 5, and now every brush is setup to draw correctly aligned patterns by default. 
  • Reset brush button enabled to revert brush settings anytime.
  • User Guide included (PDF).
  • Buy once, and get available updates forever!

Make great artworks with great brushes!

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I want this!

Halftone Bundle Brush Sets for Procreate. The Full Bundle Includes:

M • Motifs Halftone Brushes
BS • Basic Soft Halftone Brushes
BH • Basic Hard Halftone Brushes
BG • Basic Gradient Halftone Brushes
ES • Extended Soft Halftone Brushes
EH • Extended Hard Halftone Brushes
EG • Extended Gradient Halftone Brushes
FULL Bundle Brushes
User Guide


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