Manga Templates for Photoshop

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Because many have requested, ArtyStack brings you a bundle of templates designed especially with mangakas in mind: The New Manga Templates for Photoshop!

Forget about dealing with blank canvas or configuring the right dimensions and resolutions. ArtyStack's Manga Templates are ready to be used since the moment you open the file. The pages come ready with bleed and safe areas, so your Manga will look awesome once it is on print.

  • There are 3 different sizes to choose from: Fanzine Manga, Japanese Manga and US Manga. These templates are designed based on the most popular formats used by Manga artists. Pick one of these formats, or get them all selecting FULL Bundle: All Templates.
  • Compatible with Soshuhen, Kanzenban, Wide-ban, Tankobon, Bunkoban and Amerimanga formats. 

Features & Specs

  • High resolution Files: 500 ppi.
  • Trim guides, rulers, bleeding areas, and safe areas.
  • Reference Guides in the middle, thirds and fourths of the page, for use in panel creation.
  • Single page and Double page files.
  • Manga Storyboard templates to sketch and plan out your pages.

Start creating from the moment you open up your ArtyStack's Manga Templates!

Porque muchos lo han pedido, ArtyStack tiene para ti su repertorio de plantillas diseñadas especialmente para mangakas: ¡los nuevos Manga Templates para Photoshop!

Olvídate de enfrentarte al canvas en blanco, o de configurar correctamente las dimensiones y la resolución adecuada. Las plantillas de ArtyStack están listas para usarse desde que abres el documento. Las páginas están previamente delimitadas con áreas de rebase y áreas seguras, por lo que tu Manga se verá genial cuando quede impreso.

  • Hay 3 diferentes tamaños a elegir: Fanzine Manga, Japanese Manga y US Manga. Estas plantillas están diseñadas de acuerdo a los formatos más populares del género. Elige uno de estos formatos, o llévatelos todos seleccionando el FULL Bundle: All Templates.
  • Compatibles con ediciones Soshuhen, Kanzenban, Wide-ban, Tankobon, Bunkoban y Amerimanga.

Características y Especificaciones

  • Resolución de archivos: 500 ppi.
  • Guías de corte, reglas, áreas de rebase y áreas seguras.
  • Guías de referencia de centros, tercios y cuartos para trazar tus paneles.
  • Archivos de una página y de doble página.
  • Plantillas de Storyboards para bocetar y planear tus páginas.

¡Comienza a crear desde que abras tu plantilla!

I want this!

Warranty and Usage Terms

1. ArtyStack products are intended for personal use only. However, you are allowed to use the artworks created with our products for commercial purposes, such as selling prints or incorporating them into commercial projects.

2. Please note that the commercial use of the actual products themselves (e.g., reselling or redistributing the digital files) is strictly prohibited.

3. Commercial License Limitations: Our commercial license grants permission to use the artwork created with ArtyStack resources for commercial purposes, subject to a maximum of 500,000 reproductions. If the artwork will be reproduced in quantities exceeding this limit, an extended licensing fee may be applicable. Please contact us at to inquire about obtaining an extended license for larger reproduction quantities.

4. We provide initial technical support or personalized assistance to resolve any issues or difficulties that may arise with the products.

5. Refunds for the product are offered only if it has inherent flaws or problems with the execution of the downloaded files and the claim is made within the first 7 days after the purchase.

6. Refunds are not provided when the issues are caused by incompatibility with the customer's hardware or software. It is the responsibility of the user to verify the system requirements and compatibility of the product before making a purchase. We strongly recommend reviewing the product description, specifications, and any provided documentation to ensure that the product is compatible with your hardware and software setup.

7. Refunds will not apply when "accidental purchases" or "misapprehension" are claimed, as the customer has the opportunity to review and confirm the products included in the shopping cart prior to making the purchase.

8. Only in very specific cases, where we can verify with sufficient evidence an incorrect selection of a product or version, a compensation or replacement may be considered, but not a refund. We reserve the right to evaluate these cases individually.

9. We are not responsible for software or hardware failures allegedly caused by products purchased from our store.

10. Warranty claims must be submitted by sending an email to Please include the proof of purchase (email receipt) and indicate the platform from which the product was acquired (e.g., Gumroad) in your message.

11. The warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse, unauthorized modifications, or sharing of the product beyond the terms of use.

12. We reserve the right to update or modify these warranty policies at any time. Customers are encouraged to regularly review the warranty policies, which will be updated on our website as needed. It is the customer's responsibility to proactively seek and stay informed about any changes to the warranty policies by visiting our website.

Last updated Jun 16, 2023

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Manga Templates for Photoshop

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